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Get to Know POP Tennis

POP Tennis is a sport that everyone can play and enjoy immediately—no lessons or superior athletic ability needed! Players from 5 to 95, can simply grab a racquet and a tennis ball and start playing on a Tennis court. It's is an excellent way for kids, adults, seniors and beginners of all ages to learn how to play tennis. It teaches them how to hit consistent ground strokes, to volley, to move to the ball, to use strategies, and to compete. With a less lively ball, smaller court, lower net and shorter racquet, it is easy to quickly master the strokes and the sport and engage in a fun, social activity with friends and family.

POP Tennis is Easy to Play

POP Tennis can be played on a 36-foot or 60-foot tennis court, smaller than a standard 78-foot court. The racquet is shorter than a standard-size tennis racquet. Lower bouncing Red, Orange and Green tennis balls are used, depending on ability level. Additionally, the net is lower, and players serve underhand.

Benefits of Playing POP Tennis

Rallies in POP Tennis are generally longer, there is fun and exciting net play, there is less court to cover, there are no overhead serves to learn—and as a result, there is far less running and wear and tear on the back, legs, feet, and shoulders. The sport is easy to play and easy on the body.

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